HYPE officially announced whether or not BTS will suspend activities

HYBE released an official statement that BTS will not be suspending activities, but the members are only focusing more on solo activities at this stage.

According to AP News, HYBE has clarified BTS’s plans for a “second chapter” of their career.

During the FESTA Dinner 2022 online chat, 7 BTS idols announced that they plan to focus more on solo activities during this period. BTS’s comments caused an uproar in the fan community because some people thought that this meant BTS would suspend group activities.
But according to the official statement from HYBE, BTS’s words do not mean that the group will stop working, simply that they are planning to carry out group and individual projects in parallel.
“BTS is not suspending activities. The members are only focusing more on solo projects at this time” – the official announcement from HYPE helps to reassure fans.

Although the word “hiatus” (temporary break) is used in the English subtitles, the original word that member Suga said can also be translated as “off-season” or “mid-term break”.
In his share, Suga said, “Anyway, we’ve entered a mid-term break…” showing that the members “were” in this phase.

The English subtitles may have conveyed a slightly different message than the BTS member meant

One of the first members to start their solo journey is J-Hope, who is attracting attention when performing at the Lollapalooza 2022 event on July 31.

On the morning of June 15, HYBE’s shares were trading at 168,000 won (down 12.95% compared to the previous day’s closing session), then continued to plunge 26.42% to 142,000 won. This means that the market capitalization of HYBE has decreased by more than 2 trillion won.
It seems that investors are worried about the future of the parent company due to the information that BTS will interrupt group activities.
Big Hit’s side quickly denied that the group was on hiatus, but would move on to chapter 2 to “nurture BTS to continue to be an enduring group”.


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