If Suga BTS and Agust D merge into 1, this is ‘I’m the King I’m the Boss’ !!!?

A lot of speculation was made after this unexpected move…

Early ARMYs have noticed that BTS Suga and his other personality – originally for solo mixtape – Agust D have just been merged into one on the music streaming service Apple Music.

ARMY knows Suga has many names. Min Yoongi, the cute cat and of course not to mention Agust D.

To this day, they are still used separately to distinguish Suga’s unique personalities.

Now, there’s no longer Agust D on Apple Music. Instead, all of Agust D’s previous music is now under Suga’s name.

ARMYs are quite curious about this update, and of course, there is no shortage of jokes:

In addition, Suga’s profile on Apple Music has also been updated. It includes his recent collaborations and mentions Agust D.

The reason for this update may be because Suga will be the next member to release a solo album, after J-Hope. Yes, the album, not the mixtape!

Currently, ARMY is very curious as to whether other music streaming sites like Spotify will be combined like Apple Music.


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