In real life, Jin BTS is extremely ‘idol’ this person and even took the initiative to meet

Last week, the story of a MapleStory YouTuber who met Jin became a hot topic on the Internet.

The thing is, one day Jin asked his manager for the contact number of his favorite MapleStory Youtuber and then called this person.

Jin then asked the YouTuber if he was at the “Blossom” pub (which he owns) so they could meet up there happily.
Of course, the YouTuber was shocked and immediately confirmed that he was present that day and started preparing for Jin’s visit.
For example, the YouTuber researched Jin’s allergies and prepared foods that idols can safely eat.

This week, fans shared a video of the Youtuber sharing his impressions and experiences while hanging out with Jin. People were able to hear a more detailed story.
At first, the YouTuber was surprised by Jin’s polite style. “Elder brother” BTS is well behaved in every way. “Jin’s polite personality is the most outstanding,” said the YouTuber.

Even though he’s only a year younger, Jin still calls him ‘Hyung-nim’. Jin advised the YouTuber not to close the pub at the time of his visit so as not to affect the business. However, the pub was closed for a day so that Jin could feel more comfortable.
They communicate by texting each other before and after meeting. Through it, Jin confessed that he is a fan of the Youtuber.

Jin added that he always wanted to be able to visit the YouTuber but sadly he didn’t have the time. And thank you to this player for supporting him.
The YouTuber said that Jin has a real heart for MapleStory. Jin loves this game and talks a lot about it.
If you don’t know, Jin has been playing MapleStory since he was 12 years old. They played a funny game of guessing the BGM music from MapleStory and lost, they were fined with alcohol.

A special thing that makes Youtuber most emotional. Jin shared that whenever he feels down, he likes to calm down by watching MapleStory gaming videos, including those uploaded on the Youtuber’s channel.
Jin considers the YouTuber’s channel “mellow” and says he’s an avid viewer of that channel. Youtuber feels very grateful to hear that.
The YouTuber then performed a short clip of Jin playing MapleStory and what he did with some of the items.

According to the player, Jin is very skilled and can even unlock ‘Black Mage’. Jin asked if he could tour the YouTuber’s studio.
The YouTuber excitedly shared that Jin touched his computer mouse and Jin’s signature will become a family treasure.
The viewers of the livestream were really curious about the Youtuber’s impression of Jin’s appearance.

Youtuber said that Jin is handsome, his face is small. Even the sight of Jin getting out of the car was awe-inspiring! “He’s so handsome!”
After that, Jin thanked the YouTuber for entertaining him and said that he really enjoyed their time together.
The YouTuber said that Jin is a very caring and honest person. However, he could only share some things that Jin had allowed.

So deep conversations will be kept private. What the YouTuber shared is that he noticed that Jin has a great personality.

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