Isn’t J-Hope, this BTS member, the richest in the group right now?

If the numbers are correct, the assets of the BTS members are ten times greater than previously thought.

ARMYs are no stranger to the news that J-Hope is the richest member of BTS. According to statistics, J-Hope’s fortune is from 24 to 26 million USD. In addition to income from activities with BTS, J-Hope’s outstanding fortune is attributed to the mixtape Hope World and real estate business.

The second person in terms of wealth is Suga with a fortune of 23 to 25 million USD.

However, according to the latest revelation from Mnet, Suga’s wealth is much higher than that. In addition to the money shared equally in joint projects, solo activities brought Suga nearly 100 million USD! With a series of hit projects in 2020 and 2021, Suga is predicted to have surpassed J-Hope in terms of wealth.

Although he is a cold person with little communication, Suga is very active in cooperation. Most of them were extremely successful like Turn On My Radio with Lee Sora, So Far Away with Suran and Interlude with Halsey. He also released two mixtapes.

Suga also caused a stir when he was the composer of the new identification ringtone for Samsung! A collaboration can be said to be very large. BTS is also famous as the brand ambassador of this group.

Recently, Suga also made two OSTs. Stay Alive for 7 Fates – CHAKHO is a huge hit with Jungkook performing. He also worked on the OST for the game In the Seom.

Of course, it’s impossible not to mention Suga’s global storm collaboration with Psy. After more than 2 months of release, MV That That’s still in the Top Global MV of YouTube, reaching more than 250 million views.

Initially, when Suga entered BigHit, he was originally trained to be a music producer. Born in a poor family, when he was a trainee, he had to deliver goods to make ends meet. At times, he had to decide between eating or walking home (because he couldn’t afford to take the bus). When BTS enters Chapter 2, ARMY will surely see Suga often as both an artist and a music producer!

Interestingly, when he is so rich, what makes Suga spend money on his poor past is in… fashion!

With his talent and especially his relentless efforts, Suga deserves all the achievements (and assets) he has achieved today!

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