J-Hope BTS attended a birthday party with G-Dragon also present

Fans were surprised to see recent photos of the top 2 idols of K-pop entertainment.

On June 26, DJ and musician Kirioka took to her personal Instagram to share a group photo taken after a dinner party hosted by American contemporary artist Tom Sachs – currently in Seoul (Korea). to participate in some exhibitions.

Among those tagged in the group photo are BTS member J-Hope and Bigbang’s G-Dragon.
As this was the first time the two were seen together, many netizens wondered if they were friends and what special occasion brought them together.

During the same event, Tom Sachs posted photos of himself, this time featuring some famous faces, including Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, G-Dragon, Lee Chung Ha, AOA’s Seolhyun, Jung Yu Mi and Ryu Jun Yeol.

“If they weren’t friends before, they can be friends now. I hope they are. BTS and Bigbang, these are my two favorite groups” – one netizen expressed.

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