J-Hope (BTS): From underground dancer to the pride of Kpop

Member J-Hope of the global group BTS has achieved countless proud achievements when releasing his first solo album “Jack in the box”.

Sharing the meaning of the stage name J-Hope, Hoseok said that it is a combination of J (the initials of the surname Jung in Jung Hoseok’s real name) and “Hope” – English means Hope. The male idol shared that he wanted to represent the hope of his fans as well as “the hope of BTS”.

Start from zero and become a rapper of a global group
J-Hope’s story of pursuing his passion has become an inspiration for many young people. Born in Gwangju province, from the 3rd grade, he started studying and soon showed an aptitude for this subject.

Before debuting with BTS, he was a member of the underground dance group Neuron and attended dance classes at Gwangju Music Academy for 6 years. J-Hope is quite famous thanks to his dancing skills, he has received many different awards for street dance in several localities.

J-Hope is also a reliable support for BTS members

His dancing skills eventually got him interested in singing, which led him to a landmark decision – to become a K-pop idol. With his efforts and talent, he passed the selection round of Big Hit Entertainment and joined BTS.
Also starting here, J-Hope had a rigorous training period. Although he never studied or had the opportunity to learn about rap, he practiced and learned a lot. He shared that he used to feel tired both mentally and physically when he got lost in the vicious cycle between rapping, dancing and composing.
Before those pressures, J-Hope once intended to leave the group. However, thanks to the love and trust that the members have for each other, J-Hope decided to stay and continue to accompany BTS.

BTS’s pride
Thanks to his dancing talent, J-Hope became BTS’s “Captain Jung” when taking over the inspection and leading for the rest of the members. He also participated in choreography for the group’s songs with the choreographers.

J-Hope once intended to leave the group

In the behind-the-scenes video preparing for the performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards, the members were worried and had difficulty in stabilizing the lineup without “Captain Jung” – he was positive for Covid-19 right away. before the event. Jimin – the member who replaced J-Hope to lead the members, confessed to being extremely worried, “It’s really hard without him”.
Besides K-pop’s top dancing skills, what makes people appreciate and admire J-Hope is his seriousness and respect. Before becoming a rapper as he is now, he had to learn and practice from interacting with experienced friends, “instead of thinking that I was forced to learn to rap, I accepted rap naturally from the beginning. in everyday life”.
After many efforts finally bear fruit, J-Hope can rap freestyle through the night with Suga, can compose his own music, and become the most talented member of BTS. In early 2020, J-Hope became an official member of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). Up to now, he has nearly 130 copyrighted music products.

Not only contributing to the group’s great success, J-Hope is also a reliable support for the members. Although he is strict with the position of “Dance Team Captain”, he is an extremely warm person, especially with his brothers. He is not afraid to show affection to the members, always taking care and helping them from the smallest things. Not only with the members, he always expressed his concern and gratitude to ARMY, who have always accompanied and stood by him on his thorny career path. In addition, he is also a member of the Green Noble Club, which recognizes the major sponsors of Child Fund Korea, he constantly does charity to help children in need.
And finally, BTS and ARMY both have a great J-Hope of their own: “I’m your Hope, You’re my Hope, I’m J-Hope”

“I want people to realize that J-Hope is not limited to bright things” – J-Hope on Rolling Stone

With the album “Jack In The Box” (meaning a toy that pops out when the box is opened) released on July 15, J-Hope wants to show his desire, suffering and enthusiasm to get out of the box. present. The title track “Arson” contains J-Hope’s pure, honest passion and the shadows behind it. Sharing with Rolling Stone, he said, “I want people to realize that J-Hope is not limited to only bright things.”

J-Hope is more than a rapper and dancer of BTS

After just one day of release, “Jack in the box” and “Arson” dominated iTunes charts in many countries and regions around the world. Specifically, “Arson” has reached number one on iTunes Top Songs chart in 65 regions, “Jack In The Box” has reached number one on iTunes Top Albums chart in 50 regions, of which have major markets such as UK, USA, Australia, France, Italy.
As for the Spotify platform, “Jack in the box” achieved 17.9 million streams after the first 24 hours, becoming the album with the second highest debut stream in 2022 after BTS’ “Proof” (56.7 million). In addition, the MV “Arson” also reached No. 1 Music Videos Trending Worldwide on Youtube.
At the same time, NME magazine rated the album “Jack in the box” 5 stars: “Thinking-provoking and full of fresh flavors, “Jack In The Box” brings J-Hope that the world has come to know and love. love for the past 9 years come and burn it all down. From the ashes, however, appeared a strange star, more formidable than ever, and nothing seemed to be able to stop this man’s footsteps.”
In J-Hope, there’s more to BTS than a rapper and dancer, and he shows it with music. J-Hope has proven his talent and karmic respect for the arts. And most of all, not only for myself, J-Hope is the hope of BTS, the hope of ARMY, and the pride of Kpop.

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