J-Hope BTS has the rarest personality type in the world

After retaking the recent Myers – Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, BTS’ J-Hope was assigned an INFJ calculation type.

As the rarest personality type in the world, only 1.5% of the global population achieves this result.

Take a look at some of J-Hope’s qualities to prove this unique and special personality type is a perfect fit for him.
1. Value-oriented with firm beliefs
People with the INFJ personality type hold strong beliefs they live by.

J-Hope shared his desire to help fans and become a positive influence in the world.
INFJs often seek deeper meaning in life and as a result, they focus on their passions.

While describing the meaning behind his music from the Hope World mixtape, J-Hope revealed that his music and art aligns with his values ​​of wanting to send a positive message of comfort to the world. fan.
Living his daily life according to these values, J-Hope makes decisions based on his ideals.

With maturity and wisdom, J-Hope’s strong belief offers something that everyone can learn from.
2. Being decisive and decisive in his work
INFJs are often described as “the man of the job”. Taking on responsibility, they work hard and get the job done, often giving them a great work ethic.

When working, J-Hope immediately gets to work and takes his work seriously as shown in his various meetings when creating “Artist-Made Collection” with his team. .
Traits of someone who does their job well as seen by J-Hope.
Know exactly what you want
Explain details
Make quick decisions
Give clear feedback
A person who always shows results

Am I really a stanned idol now?
I’m an office worker and ARMY’s heart fluttered after being immersed in this video.
3. Always solve work with 100% effort
Due to their intense work ethic, INFJs often push themselves to do the best they can and can make it difficult for themselves if they don’t meet their own expectations.

These “workaholic” tendencies can manifest during times like the Covid-19 pandemic when J-Hope revealed that he feels pressured from himself when he has to work during his break.

All the time he spends honing his skills, whether it’s dancing for hours or creating music, shows that putting his heart into everything he does and pushing himself to be the best version of himself. mine is a natural thing for J-Hope.

This is by no means easy but for J-Hope, the end result is worth the effort.
4. Be a good listener and a true leader
It is well known that some INFJs may appear extroverted but listen more and speak less than people realize.

This is especially true of J-Hope. He may appear bright on the outside, but on the inside he hides countless unique and complex qualities.
RM has revealed how J-Hope constantly gives input to help lead BTS and can even be seen as the real leader behind the scenes.

Always listening to people first, J-Hope operates as a selfless and humble leader who pushes from behind instead of from the front.
“He shares his opinion at the end. Me and Yoongi always talk but I think listening is the hardest.
It’s easier to speak your mind, but he’ll listen to what people have to say,” RM said.

5. Have a sincere and deep relationship with loved ones
Extremely empathetic to the feelings of others, INFJs often have intimate and meaningful relationships with those they love.

J-Hope values ​​his friendship very much, always supporting those he loves and helping whenever needed.
From giving heartfelt advice to boosting their solo endeavors, J-Hope does everything he can for his members and friends.

As a family man, J-Hope has always talked about his strong, loving relationship with his family and how he video calls them every night of the tour.

From writing music for his mother to constantly talking about her with the BTS members, he values ​​his family more than anything.

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