J-Hope BTS laughed non-stop when V brought gifts and asked for a cameo in ‘More’

Netizens’ previous suspicions have been confirmed and many other lovely information revealed!

When it comes to BTS members, everyone knows that they are not just an idol group but a real family. After debuting in 2013 and having a long training period together, their bond is unbreakable and they always show their support for each other.

One member who is always praised for enthusiastically supporting the group’s solo activities is V!

Recently, J-Hope fired the first shot for chapter 2 of BTS with the song “More”. After the MV was released, some netizens suspected that V had a cameo and it was true! In the midst of a very busy schedule, V makes sure J-Hope is not alone when solo.

In the newly revealed behind-the-scenes clip, on the 2nd day of filming, V made a surprise visit to J-Hope and even brought a lovely gift of delicious waffles!

When he saw his younger brother visiting, J-Hope couldn’t hide his joy and pride, so he introduced V to everyone on set.


In contrast, V constantly complimented J-Hope’s appearance and acting.

When V looked around, J-Hope laughed non-stop and complimented, “V is the best”.

And yet, in the “mannequin challenge” scene, V immediately suggested: “Can I make a mannequin?”!

Extremely excited, but J-Hope was suddenly worried because V didn’t wear makeup at that time: “Okay? I think you’ll have to take off the mask.” But who, V even put his bare face in the magazine! “I just have a bare face” – V replied.

After reviewing the footage, J-Hope doubted, “I think fans will immediately recognize you. I really thought they would know right away!”.

Actually, it took quite a while for ARMY to figure it out. Although the news that V plays a cameo in ‘More’ is no longer a new discovery, the interaction between the two is still heartwarming!

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