J-Hope BTS Releases Scariest Photos Ever For ‘Arson’

J-Hope BTS Releases Scariest Photos Ever For ‘Arson’

J-Hope plays so loud! Your album this time looks like a movie noir!

J-Hope BTS has just released more concept photos of the album “Jack in the Box” ahead of the album’s release on July 15.

J-Hope previously shared with ARMY that the new album has a darker concept than Hope World. J-Hope’s solo album, as featured in the title Jack in the Box, expresses his desire to break the mold in order to grow even more.
Right from the first teaser with J-Hope’s shadow in an old hallway has confirmed what he promised.

After that, he released another series of photos. J-Hope wears heavy makeup and wears a nose piercing full of personality.

The next teaser looks brighter but creepy with distorted human faces in the background.

After that, Jungkook put on a black tree and lay on the hospital bed.

But the new pictures are the scariest! J-Hope posted two new concept photos on Instagram with the caption, “I will burn them all”.

It was creepy to see J-Hope wearing a dirty suit, his face covered in soot before the desolation behind him.

And yet, on Weverse, he posted another photo with the tag #jhope_arson, showing that this must be the image for the next song Arson.

In the photo, J-Hope wears a dashing white tree. It’s hard to see that this is the suit that will be stained in the picture above.

J-Hope’s change is really scary.

With these images, fans can expect more breakthrough music in Arson!

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