J-Hope BTS ‘reveals’ a new look, reaching the top of global trends

ARMYs had to “gasp” in amazement at the new look of BTS’ J-Hope!

On July 13, J-Hope stunned fans when introducing his new look on W Korea magazine’s Instagram page.

Although the caption on the teaser video reads “guess who he is”, ARMYs had no trouble identifying the BTS member right away.

Thus, within a few hours, the teaser has racked up over 1.5 million views, topping any other video posted on the account recently! In addition, the keyword “Jung Hoseok” (J-Hope’s real name) also reached the top of global trends on Twitter.

W Korea probably underestimated how knowledgeable the fandom is with their boys!
Then, on July 14, W Korea’s Instagram account posted the official cover photo. Needless to say, fans may need some time to “process” J-Hope’s new look!


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