J-Hope BTS will collaborate with Jennie (BLACKPINK) in a new solo album?

Doubts about the combination of BTS members and Jennie (BLACKPINK) immediately made social media explode.

In recent days, ARMY (BTS’s fandom) is eagerly waiting for the day J-hope officially debuts as a solo. According to confirmed information, J-Hope’s first album will be released in mid-July, and the MV will be released on July 1. Recently, J-Hope uploaded a teaser concept photo for the album ‘Jack In The Box’ which will be released in mid-July.

Unique and impressive concept of J-Hope in the debut album

The story would have been nothing to discuss if people didn’t “see” the words BLACKPINK right in the teaser picture of the main dancer of BTS. As the two leading “rivals” of Kpop today, the appearance of BLACKPINK right in the product of the first BTS member to promote solo has exploded on social media.

The image posted by J-Hope accidentally revealed the words BLACKPINK, surprising fans

However, many fans have pointed out that the words BLACKPINK appearing in the photo posted by J-Hope are actually the famous Australian boy band. However, many people still question whether there is a link between the two iconic groups of Kpop’s 3rd generation today.

The group that many fans think J-Hope is referring to

The belief in an unexpected collaboration between BTS and BLACKPINK has been further strengthened thanks to the “spoiler war god” Jennie. The main rapper BLACKPINK’s Instagram story just posted has the caption “Cat in the box” matching the album name ‘Jack In The Box’. This has raised the question of whether there is any combination between the two top idols.

Jennie is considered to have an artistic personality that matches J-hope
People focus their attention on the coincidence of Jennie’s description with J-hope’s album name

Recently, there have been consecutive dating rumors between the members (Jennie – V, Rosé – J-hope) causing the fandoms of both families to wonder the reason behind. In particular, the appearance of V and Lisa in the official frame at the recent Celine event also caused a lot of media storms. Many viewers also hypothesized about the “handshake” between the two giants HYBE and YG when the key chickens of these two companies were constantly “attached” to each other on major newspapers.

V and Lisa caused a media storm when they shared a picture with Park Bogum at the show Celine

If there is really a product that combines BTS and BLACKPINK, K-pop will definitely explode when BLINK and ARMY are like ‘water and fire’, rarely getting along.

Some netizens’ comments:
-These two groups are so closely related these days…
– Did you know that besides the K-pop group called BLACKPINK, there is an Australian boy band named BlackPink too?
– OMG if Jennie’s feat is great.
– Missing a collab makes two fandums become clowns.
– If so, that’s funny. 1-2 years before the Dynamite season, things “battle” each other up and down, now collab sit and support.
– Collab and Ms. Jennie are fine, but the possibility seems low.
– Why is it like a cosmic signal?


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