J-Hope’s feelings as the first BTS member to solo

BTS shocked the world when they announced to fans this past June that they would be spending time focusing on solo activities instead of group activities.

J-Hope is the first member to release a solo album after the above announcement. Although the other members, including J-Hope himself, have all released mixtape and solo singles in the past, he is the first member to release a full studio album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, J-Hope stated his feelings about this release.

There are 2 main reasons leading to the decision to release ‘Jack In The Box’. Firstly, thanks to careful preparation and secondly the desire for a musical color of his own, J-Hope became the first, proving that true success is a combination of time and work. hard work.
“Rather than thinking about the order of who would release a solo first, while promoting as BTS, I asked myself the question: What kind of music can I do as J-Hope I always ask myself that question, consistently come up with a plan. I think by doing that, naturally, my Hope World (2018) mixtape came out… and from there , I realized that I wanted to show more choreography, which you can consider my main foundation,” – J-Hope shared.

He added, “That led to the creation of the 2019 single Chicken Noodle Soup, which is much more stylish than that. I started to think that J-Hope needed to show more sincerity in his music and that’s what I did. focus on approaching Jack In The Box (2022) I think with the right time, I ended up being first because I didn’t stop preparing I didn’t approach the project with expectations want to be the first solo like you think.”

There is a Jung Hoseok who is always working hard like that:
“April 2020 was the time when ‘MORE’ was produced. So I worked on BTS’ album with ‘MORE’. After coming home from a show in LA and when the quarantine ended, I think I’ve been living in the studio for almost a month! I put my whole soul into it!”
While relegation may have been a combination of his consistent hard work and good timing, J-Hope definitely deserves a chance to shine!

Listen to J-Hope’s new single “ARSON” below.

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