Jessi confirms BTS’s handsomeness, wraps Jimin around for 40 minutes

Jessi brought fans the scoop from J-Hope’s Jack in the Box launch party.

Jessi recently went on an Instagram broadcast, updating fans with her daily life as well as J-Hope’s Jack in the Box party.

Jessi had just finished a show and was in Busan preparing for the water festival the next day.
Staying at the hotel, she happily answered numerous questions regarding J-Hope’s Jack in the Box party!

The party was packed with people, making the atmosphere so warm. She shared that she talked to about “120 people” until she lost her voice.
Apart from Suga who didn’t show up because of sudden fever, Jessi met all the rest of BTS members at the party. Jessi confirmed what ARMYs must have known that the members are “all super sweet” and “so handsome in real life”.
Regarding the host J-Hope, Jessi saw him as ARMY imagined, taking good care of everyone in the party.

She fully praised the achievements of her juniors and especially admired RM, “Praise to RM, he’s the #1 leader. He made sure they were all okay,” Jessi said.
Jessi is a long time BTS fan. Last year, she said she wanted to collaborate with Jungkook the most and recently, expressed her admiration for J-Hope.
After the party, she revealed that the person who made her “shaken” the most was Jimin. They talked “almost 40 minutes” about life! I don’t understand what you two are talking about.

The funny thing is that Jimin used to be “afraid” of Jessi! BTS and Jessi collaborated when promoting for SK Telecom in 2016. The idea of ​​a rap battle made her look great.

“He thought I was really scary. And after seeing me at the party he was like: You’re not scary at all” – Jessi joked.
Jessi is known for being talkative so it’s nice that she has nothing but praise for BTS! Her goal now is to make a MV with BTS! The combination of these two explosive energies must be extremely satisfying, ARMY, right?

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