Jimin and Jin have funny contrasts about the leader of BTS

BTS: Jin and Jimin had hilariously different opinions on how RM looked in his performance outfit at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

The BTS members shined with their performance at this year’s Grammys, seeing them transform into James Bond agents that completely stole the show.

The performance has many layers of meaning with so many moments that require watching over and over again, especially since there are so many things that are easy to miss. But of course, one of the things that stood out the most was the sleek black suits that all the members wore.

And in a new look behind the scenes of BTS’s Grammy performance, Jin and Jimin revealed exactly what they thought of RM’s look.

After the performance, the members watched the scene together and gave each other sincere compliments for a job well done. When looking at these behind-the-scenes photos, Jin and Jimin couldn’t help but comment on their completely different opinions on how RM looks.

Jin scoffed at the cute appearance of the leader, while Jimin happily said, “He looks like a mafia boss”.


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