Jimin BTS is helpless with ‘secret revealer’ RM

As a mature group leader in events, RM is also the clumsy king, experts reveal… of BTS!

ARMYs always listen to RM speak, not only because of his wise words but also because he is the god of words, revealing valuable information! Interesting, most of those times happen in front of Jimin…

For example, when RM revealed that the BTS World soundtrack will have many songs by subgroups…

… Made Jimin freeze without knowing how to explain it!

He also accidentally revealed part of the playlist at Muster, of course!

In another broadcast, RM teased about the Summer Package in Korea… before the first preview of the package was released! God!

Each time, Jimin has to deal with the consequences! What? I don’t understand what you are saying!

Just last month, “revealed king” RM returned with the coffee episode “MiniMoni”. Full of it, he revealed Jimin’s plan!

Too surprises!

In the end, when RM found out they were on the air, it was too late!

When he knows that millions of people are watching, RM will keep his mouth shut, right?

Wrong! At the end of the broadcast, RM quickly revealed the details of episode 100 Run BTS! Luckily, Jimin jumped in. Really!

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