Jimin BTS is in the top of the handsome men with the most beautiful chest muscles in Korea

Hope Jimin continues to show off this beauty in Chapter 2 of BTS!

Jimin has always kept his body healthy and has been recognized for his amazing proportions. His slender frame was in perfect harmony with the muscular muscles he was proud of.

Recently, Jimin appeared on Entertainment Room TV, a Korean entertainment channel. He was voted as one of the hottest male stars this summer with attractive chest muscles. In the segment, this channel praises Jimin who recently went viral with a photo showing off his beautiful chest muscles. He quickly became the world’s No. 1 trend, making the summer even hotter!

Since his school days, before debuting with BTS, Jimin has had a proud figure. This is possible because he is a contemporary dancer. And yet, he also works hard at bodybuilding and likes to run long distances to maintain his health.

Jimin is praised not only domestically but also internationally. The student’s face and the parent’s body should be normally cute, but once he explodes on stage, he is extremely charming.

Last year, the Hanbook Jimin wore was brought to an exhibition with the sharing, “Jimin’s arms and legs are so long that we had to make a 180 cm mannequin. We also had to shave the waist of the mannequin because his waist is only 68 cm. The event was covered by media around the world. Jimin is praised for having the physique of a Greek god with the waist of Apollo and the hollow of Venus.

Jimin’s beauty is truly beyond the universe, every culture loves him!

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