Jimin BTS no longer wants to be ‘soft’, ready to show the raw side of music

BTS Jimin is expected to launch his career as a solo artist soon, and he has already begun to give fans some insight.

On June 18, Weverse released a new magazine after BTS’ comeback titled “Jimin: I want to be better and cooler”.

This time, Jimin is introduced as a born idol who, in addition to making everything look eye-catching, still has affection for his fans.
Writer and interviewer Kang Myungseok started the post by asking how Jimin feels about BTS creating a 3-disc album for their comeback.
Jimin replied that the release has shown that as a group they have accomplished a lot and that it gives him time to think about the idea that the best is really yet to come, inspiring. inspires him to want to do more good things in the future.
Jimin agrees that the album is a breather as it gives them time to step back, clear their minds and think about where they are going as a group in the future, and to review all that. they did as a group.

Now that the pandemic is over, Jimin feels how far they’ve come, adding that he feels he’s working better now than before.
Regarding his solo album, Jimin said that he has started to take in new things and meet different producers to do the right challenge.
Attention turned to With You, with the interviewer asking for more information on whether Jimin would keep his promise to keep trying things after the OST was released.
Jimin enthusiastically replied that the song was just a starting point, adding that he decided to continue walking with the producers and talked about the message, look, and image he wanted to convey in the music. mine.
Jimin revealed that even after the Grammy Awards and BTS concert, he had more to show because he wanted to be a little more clear.

This means that Jimin wants to express something more raw, mature and personal about himself through his music, especially in music videos, all of which aim to evoke something he has never shown before.
Jimin explained the rawness of including the things he normally thinks about more honestly and his desire to deal with something much darker in his solo album, similar to how the older members do. did.
Jimin has previously said that the nature of relationships is an intriguing topic for him and when asked about a topic he wants to explore, Jimin said he wants to release more music for his own sake. himself, no matter how lost he felt during the pandemic.
In fact, when the members discovered these feelings, Jimin was encouraged to turn it into music and that’s when he decided to give it a try.

During the pandemic, Jimin feels lost in that instead of confronting the problems he questions, he often dismisses them by convincing himself that he only enjoys life when it’s not. .
Jimin begins to admit that personal worries are real and must be faced directly instead of just looking at himself and his problems as a member of BTS.
The theme of friendship was then brought up, especially through the lens of With You, which was sung with his friend Ha Sung Woon.
Jimin explained that Sung Soon was the first non-schoolmate and non-BTS member he made in Seoul and With You gave them a chance to fulfill their long-standing promises they shared. what they did when they talked.
The creative process for With You was a special one because it was the soundtrack, something Jimin had never done and therefore had to practice a lot.
After some changes and following the necessary tune, Jimin was able to learn a lot and feel a lot of things contrary to what he was used to.
Promise and With You are songs that allow Jimin to tap into his feelings and for Jimin, Promise in particular has helped him a lot during difficult times, ultimately helping him to come out of his shell.

And With You is a song where Jimin tried to soften it up a bit to show the sadness and desperate longing that was expressed in a simple way.
Although the way Jimin feels emotionally has matured and changed over time, especially with the pandemic, through looking back, the future is envisioned.
Jimin reconsidered the need to prove himself in his early debut days, as expressed in the song Run BTS adding that his collaboration with Suga on the track Tony Montana was something he wanted to try. something else and it turned out that he was also very good.
Jimin has always had affection for his fans and he revealed that despite being a successful idol, he always feels the need to give back to ARMYs more for all their support.

Jimin often feels the need to work very hard to be completely satisfied with himself.
After struggling with this, he finally realized that he is truly capable of what he does, even though he still wants to be better and cooler.
Part of being better and cooler for Jimin is showing off everything he can do to the highest level of proficiency possible.
For example, show the dark and sexy vibes of Black Swan, the high energy of Idol or Fire and even how cute he can be.

Jimin always looks forward to the passionate cheers of the audience and this quest for perfection is also part of why he never wants to make any mistakes.

For every perfectionist, Jimin feels incomplete and hopes to make more songs that show more sides of him while keeping audiences engaged and entertained.
The Grammy performance may have been considered by many to be top notch but Jimin said that although it was a great performance, he wanted to really put on an energetic performance and return home and Their performance hit the mark and the fans loved it.
The interview ended with a focus on Friends, which is the first song Jimin has ever produced.
Fans are happy to hear that Jimin watched Eternals in theaters and got a chance to hear his song as part of the OST.

Jimin explained that from the drum beat onwards, the song is not meant to sound lighthearted but full of energy and intensity, with rock and even a reggae feel at the start.
Only after the producer suggested that a feeling of melancholy would suit him did he agree to change and the theme of friendship with Taehyung was born to include it in the album.
Over time, Jimin explains that his relationship with the members is more than friends, brothers or family and more like a place to return to.
They are the spiritual motivator to always keep him to his true self and provide peace of mind – for which he is always grateful.

Fans were impressed with the interview, which, unlike others, really focused on Jimin as an individual and the artist was also revealing about his future plans.
Several keywords also trended on Twitter as well as the cover of the magazine featuring an unbuttoned Jimin with high-end jewelry exuding the sexy mature aura of a righteous man.
PARK JIMIN took 1st place worldwide and JIMIN JIMIN has accumulated more than 1 million tweets.

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