Jimin BTS overcame his laziness and returned to Instagram, actively doing this with J-Hope

It took so much love to pull this “lazy boy – Jimin” back to Instagram!

Jimin is famous as a BTS member who rarely works on Instagram. However, recently, after 2 weeks of silence, Jimin appeared! All because of J-Hope.

Sincerely, Jimin posted two pictures in a row. One is an artwork of More with someone’s raised hand (and possibly thighs). Can ARMY guess who?

The second one is a black and white photo of Jimin and J-Hope as the winning V symbol!

All to the caption “Love you”!

J-Hope, who, on the contrary, is very famous for his speed of “slashing” online, immediately left a comment “Love my little brother”. It’s really “wage crane” that!
Jimin and J-Hope are famous for their sweet relationship due to sharing a room for a long time. Recently, during the Bangtan Diner Party, RM even teased that with Jimin, J-Hope is always the first to come!

J-Hope released More on July 1 and set many world records, despite the detractors of anti-fans. It wasn’t until three days later that Jimin congratulated him, which was a bit slow, but considering how fast he crawls online, that’s as fast as it gets!


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