Jimin (BTS) was named “Idol of Idols” by Vogue

British Vogue said that the solo career of Jimin – a member of the BTS group – will be extremely flourishing with many remarkable achievements.

Recently, the British version of Vogue magazine published an article with the title “What’s next for each member of BTS?”. In it, this newspaper has carefully considered the future of the members and how their solo potential will be discovered in the near future. When it comes to Jimin, the newspaper affirmed that the male idol is the one with the most potential when he is known by the nickname “Idol of Idols”.

“Called ‘Idol of Idols’, Jimin has an angelic voice and amazing dancing skills. In the group’s dinner party video, Jimin also revealed he’s working on a music product. new, and even asked Suga about collaborating,” Vogue commented on the male idol’s skills.

BTS’s Jimin is not only popular with fans but also has a great influence on other KPop idols (Photo: Allkpop)

In fact, Jimin is considered a huge influence on KPop, especially with young rookies. Members of newly debuted groups see Jimin as an admirable figure and want to emulate. The BTS member is also often praised for his talent. Therefore, the aspect that this newspaper thinks Jimin should exploit is as a guest advisor for K-pop trainee survival programs. With experience and skillful skills in many fields, Jimin is fully qualified to lead the juniors as a professional instructor.

Vogue also predicted the music genre that Jimin will choose for his solo path. Although Jimin’s vocals are perfect for ballads, Vogue thinks his solo career will shine even more if it focuses on crazy choreography performances like I Need You on the MMA stage this year. 2019. Jimin’s solo stages have always been the highlight of not only Jimin’s career but also BTS’s. In 2018, the male idol was honored to receive an appreciation board for his dance performance at the Melon Music Awards.

Although famous for his angelic voice, Jimin also made the audience admire his dancing ability (Photo: Twitter)

Along with those possibilities, one thing is certain that Jimin’s solo will be successful. In a survey on Billboard, it was shown that Jimin’s solo project is a personal project that all audiences are excited to watch. Therefore, it is possible that Jimin’s solo career will bring many respectable new records.

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