Jimin BTS’s ‘Proof’ photo has a particularly moving little detail

As always, BTS always pays attention to the smallest details, thereby revealing a hidden story behind.

Jimin’s Proof concept photo series is receiving great attention for many reasons, including a background detail.

BTS is gearing up to release their Proof album in June and some promotions are underway. On May 27, the first series of concept photos were revealed, including group photos and individual photos.
As always, people had to gasp at Jimin’s personal photo. His smooth, clear, radiant skin accentuated the soft, delicate features of his face. Besides Jimin’s mesmerizing look, ARMY was also moved by the meaning behind the photo. They found Jimin’s shield the most damaged with dents, cracks and bullet holes, showing the hardships he had to overcome in his journey to superstardom. Fans couldn’t be more proud when he overcame everything to be as strong and shining as he is today.

Jimin’s personal photo on Instagram surpassed 1 million likes in just 35 minutes and he trended on Twitter shortly after. There are also many celebrities who like this photo.

The second set of concept photos, Jimin’s personal photos on Instagram surpassed 1 million likes in 40 minutes.

After the series of photos, he is the only member to trend the world with Jimin Jimin surpassing 1 million mentions.

Some netizens’ comments:
– Jimin’s shield is the worst damage. But now, he doesn’t need them anymore. He can be strong against anything.
– People only see the surface glamor, who knows what they really went through.
-Jimin looked cute when he debuted. Now, being tempered by waves, it’s really not that high, but others have to look up. Look at his eyes! Make others both love and admire.

BTS is truly the star of the stars!

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