Jimin BTS’s radio broadcast also reached the Top global trending

The song “With You” by Jimin and Ha Sung Woon has become a hot topic since its release. The catchy and gentle song makes many listeners captivated, and at the same time attracts a large audience to watch.

Therefore, the popularity of the song has made it set many records on various major music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Melon or Shazam…

However, Jimin has never officially spoken about the song since its release. This changed on July 21 when it was revealed that he was scheduled to guest on a radio show through a phone call on the same day.

Jimin will participate in KBS Cool FM’s BTOB Kiss The Radio, where Ha Sung Woon will be a guest on the show and will call Jimin to ask some questions and feel about the collaboration in OST With You.

This news has fans extremely excited, and they can’t wait to listen to the conversation. “The whole world has been waiting for this interview as he talked about With You openly for the first time,” said one netizen.

After the show aired, fans continuously talked about Jimin’s appearance, many keywords became trending on Twitter in countries like Korea and the US.

“JiminxKisstheRadio” reached No.8 in Korea, No.15 in the US and No.3 on the global trending list. Other trending keywords include “JIMIN ON KISS THE RADIO”, “Jimins”, “HES SO CUTE” and “PJM1 IS COMING”…

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