Jimin misses BTS members when he’s solo, ARMY feels sad

Jimin always thinks about BTS members when doing solo activities!

The next BTS member after V and J-Hope to release his solo vlog is none other than Jimin!

He gave ARMY a glimpse into his life when he made his own silver bracelet. Although excited to be making the bracelet, Jimin admits his anxiety.

At the beginning of the vlog, Jimin expressed through the caption that he was feeling awkward filming by himself. He added, “I’m still awkward filming alone and continuing to talk alone.”

And when Jimin arrived at the workshop, he soon began to miss his members before making the bracelet. It was like an activity they used to do together.

“Coming here alone and filming, it feels really weird,” said Jimin.

Jimin couldn’t help but think of filming the variety show Run BTS! with its members. They often do activities together like learning new crafts, such as making pottery.

“I always do things like this with the members. We used to make pottery together,” said Jimin.

Jimin confessed that he was very lonely while filming his solo vlog, “I missed the members so much filming this. So lonely”.

But he still tries to do well without the members. And here is his result “Jimin’s bracelet”

Watch Jimin’s full Vlog below:

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