Jimin topped the ‘Most anticipated BTS solo project’, 2nd place is a surprise

Jimin’s voice has the power to heal like an elixir.

On June 14, Billboard held a poll “Which BTS solo project fans want to see the most?” Jimin ranked first with 28% of the votes.

The poll follows BTS’ statement on their 9th debut anniversary, in which they revealed they will be taking a break from group activities to think about the group’s direction and focus on individual projects.


Jimin also revealed that he is working on some other shifts. He wants to be more mature, more naked when he’s solo. Jimin’s solo information caused a storm on the internet and immediately got many Twitter trending keywords.

Jimin’s previous solo songs have all set global records. A whole solo project is definitely something ARMYs are looking forward to.
Many people still wonder why Jimin is only now solo. They thought he would go solo after a year or less when BTS debuted. When BTS performed in a dance competition in 2014, Jimin was the only global trending idol.

Unexpectedly, the second person was Jin. Until now, there was very little information about Jin’s solo. He is often expected to debut as an actor. This is Jin’s long-standing wish. He is also well trained in acting and has shown his ability in many BTS MVs. However, in recent years, Jin’s voice has been increasingly appreciated, even considered the top vocal of BTS. His vocals and songs have a surprising blend of depth, escapism, and humour.

The next positions are V, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga and RM respectively.

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