Jin BTS used to wear twins with Jimin for sad reasons, touching ARMYs!

This is what people call a real, genuine relationship.

A picture of Jimin and Jin is resurfacing on online community forums, reminding fans of a sad but touching story about Jin and Jimin’s outfits.

The poster revealed that the Jinmin pair wore the same clothes at a concert after Jimin was threatened with death by a sasaeng. An ARMY who came to watch the sound test saw them wearing the same clothes during practice. Not only wearing the same, Jimin and Jin also wear Tom Ford glasses.

“I think they wear the same clothes because of Jimin’s situation. Looks like Jin is willing to take the risk to protect Jimin from anything. They wear so much alike that it’s hard to tell who is who. I can’t imagine what Jin was thinking when he did this for Jimin. More than protection. It shows how touching their relationship is,” said one ARMY who attended the audio test.
According to reports, the person who sent the threat was not only talking but also posting pictures of concert tickets to prove he was coming.
In the press conference that followed, when asked about this, Jimin said he didn’t want fans to worry because they had been waiting for this comeback for a long time. Seeing him act like it was okay, fans were heartbroken because they knew he must be scared inside.

Some comments from netizens:
– Jin is so brave. He must have been very scared too. This is what people call true friendship.
I don’t know if I dare do that to my best friend. They are great!
– Creepy. I was sad to see them smiling in the photo.
– That person announced that he would take action when Jimin performed solo. Later, Jimin revealed that he thought he might die while performing his solo song. He spoke very calmly but made fans cry.
Luckily nothing bad happened. Overcoming difficulties, BTS only grew stronger and more connected.

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