July Male Idol Chart: Jimin BTS returns to No.1 thanks to ‘ARMY’

After falling deeply last month, “King of Kpop” Jimin has officially returned to No.1 position despite not having any special activities.

Recently, the Korea Reputation Institute has announced the brand reputation rankings of boy group members in July 2022.
This chart was determined through the analysis of large digital data on 703 boy group members, collected from June 16 to July 16, 2022 with many criteria such as frequency of participation in activities, coverage communication wave, interaction level, community awareness index.
Jimin BTS has climbed back to the familiar No.1 position after falling to No.3 last month with 6,130,231 points, up 21.42% compared to June. In total, this is the 42nd month in a row that he has not topped the chart.

High-ranking phrases in keyword analysis about Jimin include “ARMY,” “With You,” and “Instagram,” while the high-ranking related word is “record,” “released,” and “surpassed.” “. Positive-negative analysis shows that 85.08% of reactions about Jimin are positive.
Wanna One’s Kang Daniel retreated to second place with 5,317,589, a slight increase of 1.21% month-on-month.

Jungkook BTS climbed to No.3 with 4,321,998 points, close to No.4 Cha Eun Woo ASTRO with 4,185,536 and V BTS 4,009,434 points.

The positions from No.6 to No.10 are Jin BTS, RM BTS, Minhyun Wanna One and Nu’est, G-Dragon BigBang and Suga BTS, respectively. BTS member J-Hope ranked 12th.

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