Jungkook and J-Hope BTS reveal the heartbreaking story behind ‘Outro: Tear’

“I just finished my makeup when I heard this song and my tears kept flowing” – Jungkook.

In the recent BigHit Music Record episode on Melon Station, J-Hope and Jungkook picked out their favorite BTS songs. While Jungkook chose the cheerful song So What to pull both BTS and ARMY up to dance, J-Hope chose the exact opposite.

The choice is Outro: Tear, a song filled with emotions such as anger and sadness at parting. “My favorite song is Outro: Tear from Lover Yourself: Tear. I told everyone it was my favorite album, right? Honestly, even if I tried to write with the same feelings, I couldn’t rewrite this song” – J-Hope honestly.

Characterizing what BTS went through during that period, the song has a huge meaning.
“I chose this song because I wanted to hear it again, to remind myself of the feelings I had back then when I wrote this song. I want people to listen to it because it’s really good, capturing a lot of emotions at that time,” said J-Hope.

Jungkook also revealed his feelings when listening to Outro: Tear: “Reveal: Didn’t we have a hard time back then? I had a hard time listening to Outro: Tear. I just finished my makeup when I heard this song and my tears flowed. I can only run away.”

At the 2018 Mnet Awards, the year Love Yourself: Tear was released, BTS sobbed when accepting the Artist of the Year award.

They suddenly revealed that the group was on the verge of disbanding. These emotions are the inspiration for the lyrics of Outro: Tear.

In the end, the members chose to stay together, ready to face the challenge and become the biggest band ever! It can be said that everyone, including the members, is grateful that BTS didn’t give up.



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