Jungkook and Jimin BTS wake up together at 4am, reap great achievements

This work ethic brought Jimin “the best moment”.

BTS is promoting their new singles Yet to Come and For Youth from their compilation album Proof.

The group recently released a behind-the-scenes video revealing the experience of filming Yet to Come. The video shows the members having to endure harsh sand winds in the Las Vegas desert.
BTS once again proved their professionalism by continuing to film despite the conditions. And by the end of the shoot, they gathered on the bus to share their experiences.

While celebrating the completion of filming, Jimin revealed that two members had to come back for an extra day to shoot Yet To Come. Everyone praised the two young members for their hard work filming two days in the desert.

J-Hope promotes optimistic teamwork, saying that they do “anything to make a great music video”.

When he had to return to the set the next day, Jungkook made sure he and Jimin had a good time.

After finishing the filming day, Jungkook revealed that the two had to get up at 4am to get ready to shoot. Despite having to wake up so early, Jungkook still looks on the bright side and appreciates the meaningful experience that gave Jimin “the best moment of his life.”
When watching Jimin’s personal scene, Jungkook can only praise it.


Jimin also praised the maknae for having a great scene.

It’s admirable the working spirit of the two youngest BTS members!

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