Jungkook BTS affirms the title of ‘hero of the idol’

BTS’ Jungkook has been dubbed the “hero of idols” by the media and netizens because there are countless idols who take him as their role model.

BTS’s maknae is hailed as a good role model but also has amazing stage presence, incredible singing and dancing talents.

Jungkook continued to claim this title for himself when Enhypen’s Jungwon gave an interview to Teen Vogue.
Recently, Jungwon mentioned Jungkook as the best artist in the whole world and once again confessed he is his role model.

“I think I’ve mentioned this a lot. For me, Jungkook sunbaenim is the ideal role model! He’s an all-round artist” – the male idol shared.

Previously, Jungwon said that Jungkook is his role model and inspiration. Jungkook complimented Jungwon when he visited on the survival show I-Land. After that, Jungkook praised Jungwon. Jungwon also said that he learned from Jungkook’s stage appearance and facial expressions.
“Jungkook is so cute. I’m not surprised that so many celebrities admire him because so do I!” – expressed an ARMY.


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