Jungkook BTS ‘dances’ with his best friends on Seventeen show

While V went to “party” in Paris, the youngest Jungkook also gathered to have fun!

Many of Seventeen’s famous friends showed their love for the group at a recent concert!

On June 26, Seventeen performed the second night of the “Be The Sun” concert in Seoul. Many stars attended, including Jungkook BTS, Taeyeon Girls’ Generation, Key SHInee, Lee Soo Hyuk and NCT members, Monsta X and Enhypen.
After the performance, The8 Seventeen posted a series of group photos taken backstage with Jungkook, Renjun NCT, Chenle, Kun, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang with the caption, “Guys, thank you for coming.”

Meanwhile, before the show, Jungkook posted a series of videos about the performance on Instagram while Lee Soo Hyuk posted his banner, tagging Hoshi and The8 Seventeen. 

Hyunwon Monsta X posted the view from his place, tagging Hoshi. Hoshi later retweeted the photo with the caption, “My actor Chae, thanks for coming.”

Hoshi also retweeted Soo Hyuk’s post with the thank you, “Soo Hyuk hyung, thank you for coming despite being very busy.”

Jay, Niki, Jake and Sunghoon Enhypen all attended the concert. Jake and Sunghoon also posted selfies.

At the end of the concert, Seventeen announced that they would make a comeback with the repackaged album Sector 17 on July 18.

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