Jungkook corrects the ‘group disbandment’ news, affirming “BTS is forever”

Late on June 15, BTS’s youngest brother went on a live Vlive to talk about the BTS controversy about to stop group activities.

Jungkook spoke up, affirming “BTS is forever”.

On the evening of June 15, BTS’s youngest brother Jungkook opened a live broadcast on Vlive to correct the BTS “discontinued” controversy.
The BTS member shared that he was very surprised when he woke up this morning and saw a lot of news about BTS. After researching, he realized that the cause was an error in the translation of the “BTS Dinner” video.
“The thing is that we will have more solo activities, but we will continue to do group activities. You can think of them as our new plans, but that doesn’t mean that the brothers will no longer do them. group activities too,” said Jungkook.

Jungkook spoke out about the news that BTS stopped group activities causing a storm on social networks.

The male singer born in 1997 affirmed that BTS has no intention of disbanding. The group is preparing many new activities and will soon announce to everyone. He wants to directly talk about the problem so that the fans don’t misunderstand and worry.
Earlier, on June 14, BTS’s official YouTube channel BangtanTV uploaded a video “BTS Dinner 2022 Festa”. This is an annual event that celebrates the founding of the group. The 7 BTS members will gather together, eat and drink and talk about their personal stories and future activities of the group.
However, in the latest episode of “Dinner with BTS”, the global boy group surprised everyone by announcing a temporary hiatus. The members shared that they will promote solo activities instead of groups like before.
This decision surprised many fans of the group. On June 15, social networks were flooded with news “BTS disbanding”, “BTS is temporarily suspended”… BTS-related keywords such as #ArmyBTSforever, #BTSforever… reached the top most searched. on Twitter, Naver.
On the morning of June 15, Hybe’s CEO – Park Ji Won – denied all information about BTS disbanding and the group’s future plans. The CEO said that the members all want to expand the scope of solo activities by combining group activities and individual activities.

“BTS didn’t even consider disbanding the group. The members didn’t even have any opinions regarding this,” said CEO Park Ji Won.

According to announcements from the members, BTS will have new plans that are completely different from before. Specifically, the group will promote the members’ solo activities, first of all, J-hope, V, Suga and Jungkook.

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