Jungkook’s deep feelings hidden in ‘My You’ for ARMY on BTS’s birthday

Interestingly, this song was revealed by Jungkook last year.

June 13th was a big day for ARMY because it was the anniversary of BTS’s debut in 2013. Since then, the members have not stopped bringing joy into ARMY’s life and not a day goes by without their efforts. bring smiles to fans’ lips.

Like every year, BTS always celebrates this day through FESTA and if that wasn’t enough, this year they even released a new album Proof!
In the album release schedule, there is a “?” on June 13 and no one knows what will come on that day.

In one broadcast, the members revealed that there would be special content appearing, causing a stir on social networks!

Well, it looks like it’s a special gift from the maknae Jungkook!
Recently, on BTS’ Twitter page, a photo was posted with the caption “22.06.13 00:00 AM”. The picture is Jungkook’s bunny icon with the word “hi”.

Then, on June 13, the secret was revealed. On Twitter, BTS wrote: “Jungkook BTS’s song 613 for ARMY My You” with a photo of Jungkook and a link…
When you click on the link, ARMY will go to the bangtan.tistory page, which has only been used a few times in the past. Turns out, there’s actually a new song released to celebrate the group’s founding, and it’s Jungkook’s My You!

Along with the lyrics, there’s a special video with a beautiful background preface, whether it’s the chat room, the sky, or simply Jungkook.

Jungkook also left a special message for ARMY, sharing the meaning behind the song and where his thoughts come from. He explained that the feelings and thoughts he wanted to express but because it sounded sad, he wanted the lyrics to be beautiful.
“Emotions rush through my mind when I think about ARMY so much that sometimes I think: What if it all disappeared? That it was all just a dream?” – Jungkook sincerely.

He also said how important it is to him because it is a song written for ARMY and expresses his love for the group. With Jungkook, he wants to write a song for ARMY, the audience, and even himself, so that everyone has “more hope, shines on their own, and gives them energy”.

Finally, he thanked ARMY and looked forward to making more memories with fans.
Jungkook really put a lot of thought into the song. Interestingly, this is not the first time ARMYs have heard My You!
Last September, during his birthday broadcast, he once shared the melody and lyrics of a song he was writing. That’s My You.

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