Just released the teaser again, BTS has two songs that are not banned from broadcasting because of sensitive language

On the evening of June 7, BTS officially released a teaser for the MV Yet To Come, which will be released on June 10. This comeback BTS is simple with the main MV blue of the sky, the boys appear handsome but sad expressions make fans curious about the message BTS wants to convey through music. Yet To Come is also the MV that paved the way for the album Proof – the 9-year journey of looking back on the global group BTS.

BTS members are handsome despite their simple shapes

Not long after being delighted with BTS’s new teaser, fans of the 7 HYBE guys were stirred by the new information announced by KBS. Recently, on the official website of KBS, it was announced that the two songs on BTS’s new album Proof could not be broadcast because they could not pass the censorship.

Specifically, the song “Run BTS” and “Born Singer have been reported as unfit to be broadcasted because “the lyrics use sensitive language.” Besides, the song “For Youth” was paused because it did not include lyrics and effects. sound in the first 30 seconds The title track Yet To Come is still eligible for broadcast.

BTS’s song didn’t pass censorship because of inappropriate language

This information could not help but make BTS fans confused, because previously the group had just confirmed to hold the promotion of the new song at an outdoor stage with a capacity of up to 4000 people. The fact that 2 b-side songs are restricted from promotion on KBS will make BTS’ comeback less complete. In addition, some neutral viewers also think that because BTS released a song in response to antifans using heavy language, it is understandable that they can’t pass the censorship.

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