K-pop fans are concerned that more and more people are impersonating BTS’ Jimin

Impersonating a celebrity is nothing new. There are a lot of people who even make a living posing as icons like Elvis and Michael Jackson, while others just go viral because they look like certain celebrities.

K-Pop idols are no exception with this type of behavior and most of the time it’s harmless.

There are even makeup tutorials on YouTube that teach viewers how to make themselves look like certain idols.
But when it comes to BTS’ Jimin – one of the most beloved idols in Korea – fans are concerned that some of the impersonators may have gone too far.

Most people might first think of Oli London – British singer and actor known for his cross-racial identity and having had plastic surgery to look like singer Jimin since 2013 – when this topic was brought up. discussion, but there are a lot of other people, especially on TikTok, who actually look a bit like Jimin.

And unlike Oli, most of these impersonators are harmless and just add a little fun to their image.
However, a recent Reddit post by user u/grahamchracker highlights some of the more problematic behavior.

For example, one TikToker went so far as to hold his own “fan meeting” while posing as Jimin, which is quite unusual.
Another is said to have gone so far as to recreate Jimin’s Instagram posts to the point of creating a “small scary thing”.
They even shared a gallery of Jimin-like images. Many people agree with the poster’s opinion that these impersonators go too far.

Whether or not these impostors are actually doing any harm, most agree that they at least give viewers a bit of a start.

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