K-Pop will no longer have a group that can reach the level of BTS?

K-Pop fans are currently debating about when will the land of kimchi have a group reach the top like BTS again.

Recently, BTS’s invitation to the White House to talk to US President Joe Biden about racism against Asians has surprised the public and fans. The fact that a group like BTS can visit the White House has become a historic event when for the first time a K-Pop group can be invited to and meet privately with the President of the United States.

Soon after, a debate broke out as the Korean public discussed whether there is another group that can reach this level of BTS. In it, many viewers think that BTS has reached a peak that has never been seen before and it is difficult for another K-Pop group or artist to do many of the things that BTS has done in the world. . Many people call BTS with the name “legend of legends”.

BTS attended a press conference at the White House before the meeting with US President Joe Biden (Photo: Whitehouse.gov)

“They’re really the first people to have this much influence in the Korean music industry”, “I really thought their being invited to the Blue House was what made the legend, I don’t I can’t believe they can go this far”, “Is there another group like BTS appearing in Korean history? I think they’re the first and the last”, “BTS is a group only appeared once in K-Pop”, “Really legendary. No one has ever been as excellent as BTS”… – some comments from the audience about the current level of BTS.

Not only having influence in music, the 7 boys from kimchi country are also influential to the point of being able to personally meet the US President – an honor that not everyone can have. During their activities, BTS has become the representative face when always spreading positive messages as well as against violence and discrimination.

In 2017, BTS and the management company teamed up with UNICEF to create an anti-violence campaign called “LOVE MYSELF”. The group continued to fulfill its commitment to this campaign last year. Since then, the campaign has continued to raise funds to help UNICEF with its mission to end violence against children and young people.

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