Laughed out loud when BTS was translated by Weverse as… 18+

Surely BTS didn’t mean it like that! Or is it?

BTS Weverse is a familiar exchange between BTS and fans. Weverse’s translation function has helped break down language barriers. However, sometimes it also causes bad crying and funny scenes…

1.Sleeping with V?

2. The rumors are too damn good!

3. Maybe he means “rooster”
It’s possible. But could it be that J-Hope wrote this…

4. Surely Jimin did NOT mean this
Although Jimin always claims to have a dark mind, he doesn’t do that in public!

5. Weverse automatically changed Jimin’s mind

6. Why?
There’s no way a gentleman like V would say that…

7. Unexpected medical information

8. Why, who’s blind?

Confused, don’t understand anything

9. Weverse Offers Alternative Words for “Lovely”

10. Weverse has a feud with J-Hope?

What kind of brother are you 🙁
11. Weverse translation error or reporter Jin’s hot news is back.

Tired of laughing with you guys!!

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