Laughing at the reason why super gamer Jungkook BTS suddenly lost to ‘game designer’ Suga

All BTS members have to scream at Suga’s game, including super gamer Jungkook!

Jungkook is famous for being a very strong gamer! However, he still suffered defeat before “game designer” Suga. As soon as the game started, the BTS members were in awe of Suga’s extremely unique design.

But before reaching the table, Jungkook failed! At first, couldn’t be “better” than…

…and things don’t stop!

Jungkook’s chance slips by when he doesn’t even know what to do…

…make the members burst into laughter!

How to win when Suga says he deleted it himself and the game relies heavily on luck!

But being the typical optimist, Jungkook still tries his luck time and time again!

Jungkook even humorously threatened to throw the mouse if he still lost! Work hard, Jungkook!

Really, by design, who would play Suga again?

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