List of K-pop artists nominated for VMA 2022, BTS participates in 4/6 categories

The MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2022 will be held on August 28 and the nominations have just been announced. Besides the best K-pop category, Korean groups are only strong contenders for 5 other categories and fans couldn’t be happier.

Here are the nominees named K-pop idol.

1. Best K-pop
First we have Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) by BTS, it’s no surprise that these K-pop kings are nominated once again.

Followed by ITZY’s LOCO, this song is the perfect balance between the group’s vibrant and edgy energy.

HOT of Seventeen is the 3rd nomination, featuring detailed magazine of music video (MV) and director’s weapon group.

Stray Kids’ MANIAC was also nominated for Best K-pop, proving why Stray Kids continues to lead 4th generation (4th generation) K-pop.

Another nomination for Twice’s The Feels, one of the most addictive English songs released by a K-pop group. Besides the iconic choreography, the colorful MV also makes viewers happy.

Finally, LALISA of Lisa (Blackpink), the only K-pop solo artist nominated this year.


2. Best New Artist
Along with artists like Dove Cameron and Latto, Seventeen is the only K-pop group to be nominated for this category. It totally makes sense, given how amazing they’ve been so far in 2022.

3. Best metaverse performance
BTS won 1 nomination for impressing when performing Butter and Permission To Dance in Minecraft for the YouTube ESCAPE2021 finale.

Blackpink’s concert The Virtual was attended by millions of people worldwide through PUBG Mobile. With four incredible performances, including a preview of their new song Ready For Love, the 4 girls also brought home 1 nomination in this category.


4. Best visual effects
My Universe by Coldplay and BTS was nominated for its unique use of holograms.


5. PUSH Performance of the Year
Seventeen’s performance of Rock With You earned the group this nomination, competing with Remi Wolf, Nessa Barrett, and Mae Muller.

6. Best choreography
BTS’s Permission To Dance is a fun song that incorporates international sign language into its choreography. As always, BTS respects and celebrates diversity and uses its platform to tell the world that music is for everyone.

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