Not asking for luxury, it’s this little thing that makes BTS Jimin the happiest

Jimin said that his best friend V is really good at doing this #6.

As fans, what people want most is to see their idols happy, right?

That’s why an ARMY should know the small but guaranteed things that make BTS happy, right?

In today’s post, let’s talk about the Top 10 things that make Jimin especially happy, always making him smile.

1.Check out the collected polaroid photos

Jimin started collecting polaroid photos in 2017. He thinks the collection is quite fun, especially when taking group photos, especially the maknae.

2. Hanging out with Hoseok after work

Since Jimin and J-Hope share a room, Jimin loves to talk to his seniors after work.

The two often lie in bed and share their feelings before sleeping.


3. Go to Jungkook’s room to play

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Jimin often goes to Jungkook’s room to remind the youngest to take a bath before going to bed or not to stay up too late.

4. Meet friends

Jimin loves hanging out with his friends. He doesn’t like to meet too many people but wants to spend time with real friends.

5. Post on fancafe and read comments

Whenever Jimin posts online, he doesn’t necessarily read many comments. But when posting to the fancafe, make sure to read all the comments here!

6. Play games

Jimin said that even though he plays games badly, he still likes to play.

Since his best friend V is a good gamer, Jimin sometimes asks his friend for a “teacher”!
7. Drinking alcohol

Previously, Jimin drank alcohol to relieve stress. He thought this was a bad habit, so he confided in the group instead. Now, he drinks in a more indulgent way.

8. Shopping

Jimin likes to go shopping without planning ahead because he doesn’t have to stress about not being able to buy what he wants.

I think it’s fun to buy beautiful little things as gifts for everyone.
9. Traveling

It’s fun to travel with the people you love!

10. Concert

For Jimin, concerts are a great joy, needing to be added to the “happy list” because he got to meet and talk with ARMY here.

Concert really helps him relieve stress and feel happy!


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