‘On the way to work’, Jin BTS “stormed” with this small action!

BTS has just returned with the album Proof. To kick off their long-awaited comeback, the boys performed in front of a special crowd of 4000 ARMYs at Music Bank.

Fans are eager to see the boys’ “on the way to work” photos.

Fans love seeing photos of their idols dressed up on their way to rehearsals.
Jin did not disappoint for his fans. He wore a simple oversized T-shirt, jeans, and slippers.

Jin’s neon green bag adds a pop of color to another outfit.
But what caught the fans’ attention was not the bag but the way Jin was holding it.

He was holding his bag in both hands, looking stern and shy – another odd habit of his.
As Jin’s photos went viral on community sites, fans began to realize that Jin had long held his bag in the same way.

They discovered that he had a habit of keeping the most precious things. Regardless of the size of Jin’s bag, he always holds the handle with his hands clasped together.

The pose makes Jin look extremely shy and adorable. Jin even kept his briefcase in the same way. It is possible that Jin himself did not know this habit.

In fact, the habit probably stems from his neutral stance that fans compare to a striped civet.
This isn’t the first time Jin’s adorable habits have gone viral. In the past, the way he rotated his glasses before putting them on sent fans into a frenzy.

Jin then admitted that he didn’t know he did it.

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