Poor ARMY: BTS came to visit but… fell asleep again

When the drowsiness came, BTS also ranked second…

A lot of people look forward to meeting BTS. But this young ARMY missed the golden opportunity just because… sleepy!

American contemporary artist Tom Sachs and his wife, art director, historian, and author Sarah Hoover met J-Hope and Suga BTS at HYBE Insight during their visit to Korea.

Several works by Tom Sachs are on display at this music museum.

However, the person most looking forward to meeting BTS is probably the Sachs baby, Guy.

Sarah once shared that Guy is extremely looking forward to meeting BTS. Children dance jubilantly according to Permission To Dance for fun.


Guy even dressed up beautifully for this special event! She couldn’t be more excited and ARMY must have sympathized!

Yet, on the way to HYBE Insight, Guy fell asleep again! Babies are inherently easy to fall asleep in the car!

Looks like Guy was so happy he couldn’t sleep before, and now… he’s making up for it. The boy couldn’t even get up to take a picture!

“Can’t wait for the teenager Guy Sachs to act cooler than me so I can repeat how he fell asleep at 7pm so hard he couldn’t even open it for 30 seconds to meet his musical heroes , the biggest band in the world” – Guy’s mother laughs at her suffering!

Well, it’s also a one-of-a-kind special case!


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