Praising himself in front of Jungkook BTS, Jin immediately ate the bitter fruit

No one is safe from Jungkook’s jokes. But because it’s so cute, it’s temporarily forgiven!

Jungkook BTS is famous for both his talent and his mischievous, lovable personality! Although he is the youngest, Jungkook is a very strong “force”, not afraid to tease his brothers.

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In particular, Jungkook loves to parody people:
1.Jimin’s “Save Me” dance parody
The opening of the Save Me MV is Jimin’s solo scene. In his turn, he also did some dance moves before Jungkook stepped in.

Jungkook never misses an opportunity to parody this dance. He also often drags the other members into this mischievous joke.

2. Parody of Suga’s father!
In episode 121 Run BTS, the members played the game “who can do it”. Each member creates a character to carry out his deception. Jungkook’s character was hard to guess for the audience, but BTS recognized it right away.

Suga confirmed that the maknae is parodying… his father!

3. Parody of Suga in “That That”
As popular as That That is, how can you avoid Jungkook’s joke! Suga revealed that Jungkook quickly parodied this dance. Currently, ARMY has no photo evidence. Hope Suga will share soon in the future!

4. Again parodying Suga in “We Are Bulletproof PT.2”
BTS once guested on SBS Pop Asia 2015. When asked which member is the most parodied, everyone pointed to Jungkook. At that time, he had only debuted for two years, so Jungkook was still quite timid. However, he still tried to imitate Suga’s dance in We Are Bulletproof Pt.2.

5. Parody V’s iconic sentence in “Jump”
V’s outstanding version of Jump is often copied by BTS members.

In it, Jungkook is often the mastermind!

6. Parody of J-Hope’s introduction
As the members gathered around the dinner table, V entertained himself by imitating J-Hope’s famous greeting: “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope.” . It is true that ax dancing through the eyes of the craftsman! Jungkook immediately pointed it out to V, making J-Hope also enjoy it.


7. Parody of Jin’s reaction
After completing the solo Awake at the BTS concert, when he stepped off the stage, Jin happened to meet Jungkook and immediately complimented himself in front of the maknae. Jin will soon regret it because Jungkook made fun of this in front of everyone!

8. Parody of RM in “Idol”
Jungkook originally idolized RM – someone who is quite strict sometimes. However, the youngest could not resist teasing the leader. He used to imitate RM’s Idol opening sentence three times in a row. Because Jungkook is so adorable, RM can only laugh at this parody!

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