RM BTS has a project outside of music, wants to open a gallery of his entire personal collection

On June 28, RM appeared on Episode 1 of Season 2 Intersects: The Art Basel Podcast on UBS. The leader of BTS revealed that he is planning to open his own public art exhibition.

He spoke with French-American art journalist Marc Spiegler about BTS and the art collection.

RM is known to be quite passionate about art. He often finds opportunities to visit art museums in both Korea and abroad and he shares his discoveries with his followers on social media sites, Twitter and Instagram. “My Instagram… it’s like a curation. And the fans visit the museum after I post” – RM

“It’s great that people can love one’s tastes and find museum visits. If 300 people see the same piece of art, it’s 300 different feelings,” said RM.
RM has now revealed that he may want to share the art with others on a more personal level.

In the podcast episode, RM talked about his plans to open and own a space where the public can view his collection.
Collecting, he says, “really gives me the standard to live as a better man, as a better adult and as an artist. I just want to make music like the timeless pieces that I admire.”

So RM wants to share his art collection with others now as well as share his museum tours with ARMYs on Instagram.
“This is the first time I’m actually saying this, I’m planning to create a small space for my own personal collection, and maybe just a coffee shop on the first floor and organize the collections. my collection… on the second and third floors… people can always see the collections…” – RM.

From left: Suga, Tom Sachs and J-Hope at HYBE INSIGHT

Of course, until RM officially opens the exhibition of his art collection, ARMY can attend HYBE INSIGHT – the museum that celebrates music, artists and fans of HYBE.
The museum not only hosts exhibitions dedicated to the artists and their fans, but also displays works of art.
Currently, American contemporary artist Tom Sachs is exhibiting there.
Listen to the full episode of Intersions: The Art Basel Podcast by RM:

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