RM BTS recounts the experience of having the first tattoo, making fans extremely excited

BTS has a matching friendship tattoo with the number “7”, representing the group. Every member has revealed their tattoos except Suga, who suggested the idea.

For some members, such as RM, it was the first tattoo and he was the first to get a friendship tattoo.

(Top row, left to right): BTS’s RM, J-Hope, and Jimin. (bottom row, left to right) Jungkook, V and Jin

So, during a recent live broadcast, RM recounted that experience to ARMY.

RM explained that the whole process took about 2 hours. First, they printed the design onto the tattoo site and he likened it to a rehearsal.


“It took me two hours to… before I got the tattoo, they had to print the design on the tattoo site making it look like a rehearsal.


They also take time to decide on the font (members have different fonts) and its placement.

“It took two hours to print and decide on the font and placement of the tattoo, but…” – RM.
What surprised him the most was that his actual tattooing process only took a few minutes

And RM prepared for two hours for a job done in two minutes.
“It only took me two minutes to get a real tattoo on my ankle” – RM.

RM explains that since it’s a very small “7”, it’s really just two connecting lines. So the artist took one small line, then another and finished.
However, RM is still satisfied with his decision to get a tattoo because it means a lot and symbolizes his attachment to the BTS members.

“I just… still can’t believe that I actually have a real tattoo on my body” – RM.

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