RM BTS shows off new bike, can’t believe the price

Truly the level of a millionaire! The bike is just as expensive as a Volkswagen car.

Leader RM is the only BTS member who can’t drive a car! In return, he is extremely passionate about cycling and even composed music about this close friend.

RM often rides his bike when he wants to go back and forth between home and work. On rainy days, he often uses public transport.

Such a simple-looking lifestyle, but it turns out not to be cheap!
Recently, RM posted a photo with the bike behind. It is not clear if this is his new car or what, but it can be seen that it is a very “war” car with orange and black colors.

See, this is a Tod’s x Colnago limited-edition vehicle. It is made in Italy by two leading European brands. With the Colnago G3-X frame, the car can ride stably and comfortably in all terrain conditions. This car can be bought with Bitcoin but if you buy cash, you have to pay 14,500 pounds!

RM is known for his love of luxury, especially watches and art pieces. He also intends to build an art cafe in Seoul. With RM’s lavish style and wealth and fame, the car is worth it!

More than 14,500 pounds for a bicycle, who would have thought?

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