RM is the next solo BTS member, hinting at Jimin’s solo

Looks like ARMY won’t have to wait long to hear BTS’s next solo product!

Last month, during a live broadcast, BTS revealed that the group would be taking a break from releasing music as a group to focus more on individual projects. Far from the “disruption” as many places have reported, the members are enjoying their time alone.

J-Hope is the first solo BTS member and is rocking the internet with the album Jack in the Box and two singles More and Arson.

Recently, RM was surprised when he was the first BTS member to try the new live mode on Weverse. Here, he talked about many topics, from tattoos to J-Hope’s album, etc.

In particular, he shared about his new album, “I just went live to say… please pay attention to my album”.

He also detailed his personal project: “I have almost finished my work for the album. I don’t know what will happen from now on but I might be the next member after J-Hope releases a solo album. The studio work is 90% done.”

However, there is still a lot of work to be done: “I have not filmed the MV or other content”.

For the BTS members, this is their first time releasing a solo album. Before that, they only released mixtape. RM alone has two mixtapes, the most recent being Mono 2018.

The new album will be completely different from Mono: “I’m happy to make music. I think it’s completely different from Mono. If Mono records me from 2016-18, then I think of the new album as my archived diary from 2019-22.”

And yet, RM also implied about Jimin, that he is also working very hard for his solo product.

With ‘Bad Decisions’ by the vocal line with Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco coming out in August, I don’t know what RM’s album release schedule will be. Gotta admit, BTS works to great performance!

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