Rumors of hot BTS: V set a release date for the mixtape, J-Hope is the final boss

After a number of confirmed rumors about BTS’ new album, the new series of rumors is expected to be accurate.

The rumors this time are considered by ARMY to be quite believable!

1. Dating story

Dating news between V and millionaire daughter Joanna Chun is said to be completely bogus. They are merely friends.

2. Career
Jungkook will have a new collaboration. It is not clear who it is, but recently, Troye Sivan suddenly spoke about the possibility of collaborating with Jungkook and Jimin. Watch out for very promising rumors!

More specifically, V’s long-awaited mixtape ARMY is slated to release in November. Known for being a perfectionist, V has remade this mixtape over and over again. Looks like he’s satisfied so far.
Recently, V also entertained fans with two teasers for a song he said was “coming soon”.

3. “The Last Boss” J-Hope
Everyone knows that J-Hope is extremely talented and is the richest person in BTS. However, the reality is more than that.

Many shows wanted to specially invite J-Hope to be a mentor, but they couldn’t because he was too busy with BTS’ schedules. More than that, HYBE doesn’t seem to like this split.
If not an idol, J-Hope can be a big businessman. In the midst of the unstable world economic situation, he still reaps great benefits from real estate, stocks and shares. Not a lucky hand, J-Hope is considered to be extremely sharp, skillful and intelligent.

Finally, BTS’s 94 lineup is being caught up in unnecessary scandals. ARMY should keep a cool head to protect them.

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