Smash the stereotype that BTS is largely ‘Teen Fangirl’ with the latest survey results

BTS is “worshipped” by millions of fans of all ages around the world. Even so, ARMYs are still stereotyped as obsessive teenage fangirls.

While there’s nothing wrong with being a teen and a BTS stan, a recent survey shows that teen fans are just a part of BTS’s massive global fandom.

“World leaders have no choice but to value BTS. In the end, BTS has the largest number of ARMYs on the planet.
This historic moment marks the first time that 15-year-old girls everywhere wished they were Secretary General of Guterres.” – James Corden

Each year, “The ARMY Census” – an annual fan survey, collects new data to “highlight the diversity that exists within the BTS fandom”.
According to the results of the 2020 survey, surveying more than 400,000 ARMYs globally, fans under the age of 18 make up only half of BTS’ total fans.

Fans aged 18-29 make up 42.59% of the total fandom while 7.1% of fans surveyed are aged 30+.
Now the results for 2022 are available. Over the past two years, the percentage of ARMYs over the age of 18 has increased by 20.7%.
The new results include fans over the age of 18 but also many fans who have not been surveyed before.

This year’s census surveyed a total of 500,000 ARMYs, 100,000 more than the 2020 survey.
The survey includes other statistics, such as when each fan surveyed became an ARMY… and gender percentage.

In short, you don’t have to be a certain age or gender to usurp these 7 kings and it doesn’t matter when you join the fandom. BTS (and K-pop) is for everyone.

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