Stunned by the incredible remuneration of each BTS member on Instagram

Each advertisement on the BTS members’ personal page costs a fortune! This is also quite understandable because on average each member has over 35 million followers.

It has only been a few months since all BTS members officially launched their personal Instagram accounts, but so far the total number of followers of the 7 boys has reached more than 278 million. Instagram is inherently a lucrative market for celebrities to “make money”, especially in the field of advertising. So with more than 35 million followers per account, how much sponsorship money can these 7 powerful male idols receive for each post?

SPEAKRJ, a trusted social media auditor has revealed the income figure for each BTS member. The predicted number is calculated based on 4 factors: number of followers, number of interactions, average number of likes and average number of comments. The following numbers are all updated as of 7/16

1. Kim Taehyung (V)

Currently, V is the member with the most followers on the Instagram platform. He even set countless unprecedented records even though he has only created an account for a few months. According to statistics as of July 16, V’s follower count has reached 46.9 million and up to now (July 18) the number has increased to 47.2 million.

Not only the number of followers but also the level of interaction in each post of this male idol and actor is not suitable, the rate is up to 29%. And the average number of likes per post of V is up to 13.5 million times. From here, it is estimated that for each sponsored post, V will receive about 68,000 – 810,000 USD

2. Park Jimin

According to statistics on July 16, Jimin has reached the milestone of 39.1 million followers and has now increased to 39.4 million followers. Reportedly, the male idol’s interaction rate reached 32.55%, which is the highest level among the 7 BTS members. Each post, the male singer earned an average of 12.6 million likes. Calculating, Jimin will get about 63,000 to 756,000 USD for each sponsored post

3. Min Yoongi (Suga)

Suga’s Instagram reached 36.8 million followers on July 16 and has remained the same to this day. The interaction rate of this popular male idol and music producer is 29%, equal to V (BTS), and the average number of likes is 10.7 million. Although very quiet and not too prominent on the Instagram platform, Suga can still earn from 54,000 to 645,000 USD for each post sponsored by the brand.

4. Kim Seok-jin (Jin)

With a number of 37.6 million and currently 37.7 million followers, Jin’s Instagram has reached an interaction rate of 27.2%, slightly less than other members. Each post, Jin receives about 10.2 million likes. So according to analysis from an audit expert, the handsome male idol of this global group can earn 51,000 – 614,000 USD per sponsored post.

5. Jung Hoseok (J-hope)

J-Hope occupies Instagram with 37.7 million followers. This guy is especially noticed after releasing his solo album, quickly progressing to his own development. It is known that the interaction of this male rapper reached the 20% mark, while the average likes per post was up to 7.5 million. Analyzing these criteria, experts predict that J-Hope can “earn” 37,000 – 449,000 USD for each sponsorship post.

6. Jeon Jungkook 

Jungkook currently holds the level of 43.3 million (as of July 16) and currently the number is 43.6 million followers on Instagram, which is the 2nd place in the group lineup after V. The youngest member of BTS is quite closed. popular on social networking platforms, the average interaction is only up to 15.15% despite having a huge number of followers. On average, each post Jungkook receives 6.6 million likes. So on average, for each sponsored post, the male idol will receive from 33,000 to 396,000 USD. This number cannot help but surprise the public because the amount of money earned from Instagram is not only based on the number of followers but also related to the interaction and likes of each post.

7. Kim Nam Joon (RM)

According to the source, the estimate for RM’s income on the Instagram platform is not very accurate because this male rapper and producer has chosen to hide likes in each post. Based only on the number of male idol followers (36.3 million people), it is estimated that each post will bring him about 16,000 USD. However, based on RM’s reputation, the number could be much higher than it actually is.

All in all, although the BTS members all have a different number of followers and likes, it can be seen that the whole group has a huge number of followers. This can be easily seen through the sudden increase in the number of followers after only a few hours of all 7 members when they first set up their personal accounts in December last year. The followers and interactions of the 7 members must be called the most equal among the Kpop groups in Korea, not at all different from each other like many other cases. The reason lies in the image of solidarity and attachment that BTS has maintained for many years, and the love of millions of global fans for the group as a whole.

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