Suga BTS is about to have a solo tour and new music, wants a meaningful fan’s life

Chúng ta có thể mong đợi những điều thú vị sắp ra mắt từ Suga của BTS và hiện tại anh đang rất bận rộn.

Recently, BTS celebrated their 9th anniversary with a Festa Dinner Party. In it, they announced that they would spend a season focusing on releasing solo projects.

While their statement was interpreted to mean that they will be taking a break from group activities, HYBE, Jungkook, V, and RM have reassured ARMYs that BTS still has plans as a group.
However, each member has plans to release their own solo work. So, in a new interview with Weverse Magazine following the release of BTS’ anthology album Proof, Suga briefly talked about his upcoming plans.
Suga has been doing a lot of work as a producer, even with other artists.

So he mainly talked about production during the interview with Myungseok Kang.
Myungseok Kang connected the conversation about production with Suga’s replacement Agust D, the stage name he used when releasing his solo mixtape.
Myungseok Kang asked, “Would you say the producer’s point of view also influences your solo efforts, like your Agust D release?”
Suga explained that as Agust D, he considers it similar to BTS. He plans to promote, shoot some music videos…

Suga seems to indicate that he is currently thinking about all of this as he plans to release his next mixtape.
I think, when I released an album called Agust D, it was a solo work with solo promotions and I felt like I should use the same system that normal groups do when they promote and has a lead single and a B-side track.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot that maybe I should shoot 2 MVs: one that focuses on visuals, while the other is more focused on the listening experience. Ah, what should I do? I am working hard to continue D-2” – Suga.
Suga also revealed that as long as he is alive, he will still make music. Suga is always looking for new styles, especially in the role of Agust D, and he hopes to never stop.
“I also tried songs in different styles with D-2. I feel like I may not be a master of one genre, but I can do many. I still have a lot to do. I don’t have a feel for the kind of music I’ll be doing in my 30s, 40s or 50s, but I want to keep doing music until the day I die. I can do many different jobs, so I think I started to worry less when I think about what kind of music I will do in the future (laughs)” – Suga.


To conclude the interview, Myungseok Kang asked, “So, what would you like to give ARMY and other people who have listened to your music – while making music for your whole life?”.
Suga replied, “I used to take music seriously – especially when I was younger – but now I’m trying not to put too much significance on it.”

Suga reflected on his personal journey with music. It has always played an important role in his life and he used to take it very seriously.
“It’s just the era we live in, because at one point we became a generation where music was simply background music.
I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. It’s a natural progression and anyway, I think there’s a difference between whether a musician knows why they’re making music or not.” – Suga

Although music still abounds in Suga’s life, he now realizes that some people may simply be a fan like him for sports.
It may not be one’s motivation, but it can certainly improve life every day.
“Here are my thoughts: People who listen to my music – I mean, to a certain extent, I think being a fan of something is a must in life. You can be a fan of a person or a sport – whatever it is, I think being a fan is important because it makes life interesting. Like the excitement for the NBA playoffs as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Some people will be excited for the day my music comes out and I perform.” – Suga

So, Suga hopes that his music will excite people just like when he was excited about the NBA (National Basketball Association) knockouts.
Suga also ended the interview by giving ARMYs something extra special to look forward to: a tour.

“There aren’t many things to get excited about in life. But for anyone who enjoys my music, I hope they get excited about it – excited when it comes out, when I promote and when I go on tour.
I hope they are excited about everything so I can give meaning to their lives every day.” – Suga

Based on Suga’s last statements, we can surmise that Suga will soon release mixtape D3, participate in solo promotions and go on tour under the stage name Agust D.

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