Suga BTS is always angry about this but RM doesn’t leave him alone

This is an extremely effective way to activate a calm, cool, quiet person like Suga!

RM and Suga have known each other for a decade, are the first BTS members and have proven their closeness many times.

Love each other like brothers but there is one comment from RM that always makes Suga excited!

Even though the BTS members are all incredible dancers, the members sometimes tease RM and Jin’s dancing skills. Suga, basically, doesn’t get dragged into this. Moreover, he is confident that he dances well and that people misunderstand his dancing skills.

RM couldn’t help but laugh at Suga’s comment, making even a “savage” person like Suga react!!

But this is not just one time. In another broadcast, the members were curious as to who is the better dancer between Jin and RM.


Suga immediately commented that the remaining five members should vote.

RM immediately took the opportunity to tease Suga when he was confused why Suga has the right to vote!

Not only RM, Suga is always very sensitive when asked by other members about dance skills. Once, Jin, RM and Suga were placed in the same team and had a small dance competition. The other members then chose Suga as the worst dancer, which infuriated Suga!

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